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The College Greek Exam is a national exam for students in the first year of Greek at the collegiate level.

NEW! The Classical Association of the Middle West & South (CAMWS) is taking over administration of the College Greek Exam. 

Digital Greek at LSU: In the academic year 2012-13. LSU started teaching its beginning Greek classes with an all-digital set of resources under the title "Ancient Greek for Everyone" by a collaborative group the Hellenizers. Now in our second year, we are posting revised and updated versions of this material as we go. All the lessons (in pdf or Power Point format) are posted here, and everyone is welcome to use them. Please let us know of corrections and suggestions ( )! 

New in 2015: Dr. Michael Laughy  at Washington and Lee University has been using AGE for the last two years. He has generously agreed to share the many additional exercises and review materials he has created for his classes. The materials are grouped and linked with the individual units. There have been a number of small corrections and changes (mostly in formatting). An update for 2015 is designated only when there has been a substantive change.

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